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Air Conditioning Birmingham

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We are one of the leading providers of reliable air conditioning services covering Birmingham and the West Midlands.

We offer a great variety of air conditioning services including repairs, maintenance checks, and the installation of a range of the newest and most popular models.

First Class Air Conditioning Installation in Birmingham

One of the most popular services provided by Aircon.co.uk is the installation of new air conditioning systems. The Aircon.co.uk team are all trained and licensed to install models produced by all of the UK’s leading manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, and Daikin, among many more. Get in touch if you’d like to know whether we can install a specific brand of air conditioning for you – but the answer is likely yes!

  • Residential / Home Cooling Systems
  • Design & Install Commercial Systems

We can install air conditioning in both residential and commercial properties, from simple flats to entire shopping centres. So no matter the size or use of your premises, we can make sure you get the quality of life you deserve thanks to the circulation of fresh, cool air.


If, for whatever reason, your air conditioning system becomes faulty or you notice that it’s become less effective at distributing cool air over time, consider booking in for a routine inspection and servicing visit from a member of the Aircon.co.uk team.

Aircon.co.uk offers two types of servicing options for Birmingham residents. The first of our two maintenance plans is a contracted air conditioning servicing plan, of which there are several different options dependant on what best suits our clients. We recommend that this regular servicing plan is better for businesses that require routine assurance that their air conditioning appliance is working to the necessary standards.

As well as the regular servicing plan, we also offer one-off servicing visits if you just want to make sure that your air conditioner is running as it should be. These visits are especially recommended if your air conditioner is old, hasn’t been inspected for a while, or is displaying signs that something is wrong.

Such signs include

  • strange sounds or smells
  • reduced efficiency of air circulation
  • parts that appear to be loose or missing

Repairs – 24h callouts

Daikin Air Conditioning LogoIt can be frustrating when your air conditioning breaks – especially if it does so in the heat of summer. When your air conditioning is in need of repair, contact the Aircon.co.uk team. Our team of professional engineers are licensed and trained to carry out an extensive array of repair works on many of the leading brands, such as Daikin.

We’ll aim to get out to your premises as soon as we can so that the issue can be diagnosed and fixed in as little time as possible.

  • Residential Installation & Servicing

    Getting air conditioning sorted in your home isn't prevalent in the UK, but it's arguably something that a lot of households should consider. Whether your house's temperature is a little bit off or the air quality is poor, you can take it one step closer to being the perfect home through the installation of an air conditioning system. Although many people think air conditioning is for large areas, there are units specifically designed for in the home and ensuring that you can live in the comfort you deserve.

    Our team have years of experience in the installation and servicing of home air conditioning systems, so if you need a residential air conditioning system in Leeds, get in touch with our team at Aircon.co.uk to ensure that your system is installed in a reliable way, and you have the option of ongoing servicing. Your unit could be looking after you for years to come!

  • Commercial Installation & 24h Repairs

    Air conditioning is most commonly used in commercial properties in the UK, and it's easy to understand why. Some workplaces can feel hot and stuffy, where others may have a cold and soulless feel to them. The best workplaces have air conditioning, which ensures that the air inside the building is both clean and at an ideal temperature. A controlled climate means that workers are much more comfortable, and because of this, they can be much more productive.

    Here at Aircon.co.uk, we are happy to say that our experts are licenced to install and service air conditioning systems from a range of commercial air conditioning brands. This includes both large companies such as Fujitsu and Mitsubishi and smaller brands that may specialise in large commercial properties. Our team are happy to listen to the specific needs of your organisation and can adapt the perfect air conditioning solution to the requirements of your particular business.

How can we help?

Free quotes for Air Conditioning Services in Birmingham

If you’re interested in air conditioning installation, servicing or repair and you’re curious about the cost, get in touch with our team. If you detail your query, either through the form found on Aircon.co.uk or over the phone to a member of our expert team, we will get back to you in under a day with a free quote. Not only that, but our team will offer you friendly advice based on your request, for example, the sort of system you might need or some alternatives you may not have considered. Our clients are always our priority, and by giving you as much information as possible we can give you the advice you need.

  • 24-hour air conditioning call out Birmingham – Call 0800 311 8140

If you’re dealing with an air conditioning emergency, you can always rely on Aircon.co.uk. Our large team run a 24/7 operation, so if you need support for an urgent issue at any time of day, you can get in touch with our team who will be able to support you as soon as possible.

Support is only a phone call away, and your air conditioning issues can be resolved in no time at all.

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