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Covid: Keep your air conditioning system working right

We’re all now well aware of how Covid-19 is spread, and we know you’re more likely to contract the virus if you’re in an enclosed space with poor circulation. As people begin to return to …


Gas Boilers to be banned in the UK from 2028 and replaced with 600,000 heat pumps

New Government “green industrial revolution” will see gas boilers banned and all new homes in the UK fitted with ground and water heat pumps to help tackle climate change. This will total around 600,000 per …


Call for Restaurants and Shops to keep doors and windows open to minimise Covid transfer risk

Restaurants and pubs across the UK are being asked to keep doors and windows open to allow air to move through their buildings to reduce airborne transmission of Covid. It is reported that 91% of …


Keep your doors and windows open this Winter to beat the virus

The Germans are educating their population on good ventilation habits to reduce transmission rates this Winter to help reduce the chances of passing Coronavirus to each other indoors, so why this is not this catching …


The hidden cost of cooling empty offices

Though many don’t realise, office buildings have to have cool air circulating through them basically all of the time – this includes when the office building is vacated of any staff members. With the rumours …


How does Air Conditioning work?

Is air conditioning magic? Well, not exactly – lets explore how air conditioning works… Generally, air conditioning units are effective because of the exact control of: Temperature Air flow Humidity (water content in the air) …


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