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Daikin Air Conditioning

Installation, Service & Repair of Daikin Air Con Systems

We are pleased to offer Daikin Air Conditioning UK products. Daikin prides itself on innovation and premium quality in the world of air conditioning, ventilation and heating, a standard we are please to also uphold.

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As one of the market’s leaders, we look for high quality air conditioner units for all of our customers, whether the needs are residential, commercial or even industrial. Daikin continually strive for quality which makes them one of the most interesting brands in the field, so here are a few more facts about Daikin and the way they operate.

Daikin Air Conditioning Units

Daikin Air Conditioning LogoDaikin’s air conditioning units are designed to be the perfect solution for conditioning your home. For example, air-source heat pumps by Daikin generate three times as much energy as they use. This means that they are much more efficient than a traditional boiler, and can heat your home faster.

Not only are Daikin striving in the field of high-quality products designed for home use, but they are pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in the field of air conditioning. This can be very clearly seen in their advances in hybrid heat pumps. These systems aim to combine renewable and traditional energy sources into one simple and easy solution, meaning you can heat, cool and ventilate your home without any risk of environmental harm.

Whether you’re looking for an innovative air-source heat pump, an energy-saving hybrid heat pump or a more traditional air-to-water heat pump, Daikin has a huge variety of options available to you. Not only that, but a large proportion of Daikin’s units have remote control systems. This means that you can control a lot of your system’s functions from your phone or a smart home device. By using these systems you can modify the very atmosphere of your home without having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

Daikin Air Conditioning UK

Whilst air conditioning might be something of a rarity in the UK, it is something that Daikin has specialised in. Where installation in the UK may be more difficult in the UK than internationally (since houses tend to be older and not designed for air conditioning), our team of experts have specialised in creating HVAC systems for these more difficult structures. This means that those with expertise in HVAC systems, such as Nationwide Air Conditioning, can go through the following without any serious issues:

Installing new units and systems
Troubleshooting these systems in case of any issues
Repairing any systems with clear faults

Daikin Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Where Daikin units may be applauded for their complex designs and systems, this can potentially cause issues in the long run. While traditional boilers can be relatively simple to fix, the more complex and technical units from Daikin can have much more minor faults that are difficult to find at resolve.

In order to resolve issues with your Daikin air conditioning units, you won’t be able to find a simple resolution to the issues online. You might need certified and experienced technicians, and thankfully here at Nationwide Air Conditioning, we have plenty of experts in our team. They are able to troubleshoot issues with your Daikin units and find a way to ensure that these problems don’t spiral into long-term issues that need a complete replacement.

Daikin Air Conditioning Installation

As previously mentioned, UK homes are often difficult to install air conditioning into, and with Daikin units being more complex and intricately designed than your average air conditioning unit, it’s easy to understand why installation can be somewhat difficult when you’re trying to get your brand new system up and running.

Rather than stumbling and struggling to work out exactly how to get your system started, it’s always wise to use experienced and highly trained experts such as those at Nationwide Air Conditioning. Whilst Daikin does their best to make their products simple to install, there is still a high level of potential for an accident when you’re setting up. This could damage not only your unit but in some cases could lead to your home bearing some of the brunt of any incidents.

In order to avoid what could be some expensive accidents, using an expert installation service is a must.

If you’re interested in using a Daikin air conditioning system, get in touch with Nationwide Air Conditioning today. Our friendly team of experts can support your system through installation to troubleshooting to repair, and with a high level of familiarity with all of the main air conditioning brands, we’ll help you to find a solution, whatever your issue may be.

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