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LG Air Conditioning

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Although you might know LG for their entertainment systems, phones and domestic appliances such as washing machines, one of their less well-known ventures is their foray into air conditioning.

Here is all you need to know about our LG’s air conditioning units, systems, and what you can expect from the brand’s air conditioning offerings that we can install for you.

LG Air Conditioning UK

LG Air Conditioning LogoAlthough the UK isn’t a hotbed for air conditioning systems, the tech giant has entered the field with a bang, innovating systems such as the DUAL Inverter Compressor, designed to reduce the volume of air conditioning units whilst simultaneously leading to energy saving, higher efficiency and a much greater level of consistency in hitting the desired temperature window.

Furthermore, LG has fully embraced the use of smart home technologies, which are becoming more and more popular in the UK. You can now use the LG ThinQ app to adjust your air conditioning, giving you full control over the temperature of the conditioner, and even allowing you to entirely turn it on and off. Integration with Google Assistant means that you can also entirely control your unit with voice commands, so you don’t even need to reach for your phone.

LG Air Conditioning Units

LG Air Conditioning UnitLG’s air conditioning units differ from the majority of alternative brands through the greater level of subtlety offered by their products in comparison to more generic brands on the market. The brand’s leading residential product, the ARTCOOL Gallery, is a subtle cooler built into artwork, presenting the unit as a much more positive influence on the space.

This is done by presenting the front of the unit as a piece of artwork, meaning that you are able to use the air conditioning to change the ambience of the room while also adjusting the atmosphere to ensure maximum comfort. Whether you’re using the unit to keep a residential space cool or to control the atmosphere of your office space throughout a workweek, setting the tone has never been easier.

In addition to the great look of LG air conditioning units, the stylish and innovative design provides soft and natural airflow in three dimensions. Where the majority of air conditioning units use a single flow of noticeable air, LG’s approach is far more subtle.

LG Air Conditioning Systems

In comparison to simple single-unit air conditioning, full air conditioning systems can often be more complex. In spite of this, LG has been committed to perfecting their HVAC solutions, designed to be highly energy-efficient and reliable, whilst retaining high-end performance that businesses and other large organisations need. For a company that isn’t known for its air conditioning solutions, LG is making huge leaps forward.

This quality shines through, as organisations and companies, including the Indian government, Bouygues Construction and Plaza Lama rely on LG’s air conditioning units to continue their day to day operations. These include difficult climates and weather systems, so a failure would be catastrophic. Despite this, LG’s units are sturdy, reliable and efficient, making them a very highly viable option for organisations of any size, anywhere in the world.

In addition to simply air conditioning, it is important to note that LG’s systems also perform heating and ventilation functions. Their full line up of products means that throughout the year, your company can plough on with the inside of your premises being as warm and breathable as you need. This is especially important in big cities, where pollutants and emissions may be rife. A clean and safe atmosphere inside your premises is vital to your employees and their health, and so needs to be kept at the forefront of your business’ core operations.

LG air conditioners can offer you:

  • Ease of use with smart home integration
  • Subtle and aesthetically-pleasing units
  • Reliable and effective solutions for both your business and home
  • Air conditioning that can be relied on whatever your usual climate

If you’re interested in installing, repairing and servicing your LG air conditioning systems, get in touch with Nationwide Air Conditioning today. Our friendly team of experts are highly trained and can ensure that your systems and units are up and running as soon as possible. We know how important good air conditioning is, and we’re dedicated to getting it right for you.

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