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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

We Install, Service and Repair all Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems

When you hear the name Mitsubishi, in all likelihood your brain goes right to cars, rather than air conditioning unit. However, Mitsubishi have become a strong contender in the market for air conditioning units and systems, taking all of the design expertise gained from their automotive wing and transferring it into useful developments in their air conditioning wing where possible.

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Here’s what you need to know about Mitsubishi, their recent designs and advances in air conditioning units, and the systems and units they offer for all kinds of premises.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning SystemsMitsubishi are not only a player in the air conditioning market, but they have moved into the industry with some very specific goals in mind. Firstly, the company prides itself on energy efficiency. Their air conditioning blog repeatedly discusses sustainable building, and in alignment with the automotive side of their business, sustainability and increasingly green operations are growing to become the heart of the Mitsubishi brand.

The manufacturer is also looking to improve the design and function of their units, aiming for total perfection in aesthetics and efficiency. By using a range of technologies, Mitsubishi are able to not only shrink the units they use, saving their clients significant amounts of space, but are also seeking to make the units used more precise and reliable.

Ultimately, this combination of design ethos and technical knowledge means that Mitsubishi’s air conditioning units are coming closer and closer to perfect by the day. With strong steps forward in these fields, Mitsubishi are able to ensure customer satisfaction in their systems, as customers can always get the conditions they want.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units

Mitsubishi’s air conditioning comes in a few varying forms, with specific designs for residential buildings, small retail outlets and office spaces, all of which require air conditioning to get the perfect balance of moisture and temperature in the air.

The company’s main line of unit designs are as follows:

  • M Series: This range is designed to cool small to medium spaces, including homes are small retail units. These are available in both wall mounted and floor mounted variants, meaning that it is a highly flexible option that can be worked in to any given space.
  • Mr Slim: One of the country’s top selling air conditioning units, Mr Slim is suitable to cool a huge variety of applications from offices to retail units, as the range now uses low GWP R32 refrigerant. Compact, efficient and reliable, it’s easy to see why this is one of the country’s more popular air conditioning units.
  • Multi-Splits: Multi-Split connections allow for a range of two to eleven different indoor units to connect to an outdoor unit. This means you can create a system that perfectly matches your building’s layout and design.
  • City Multi VRF: These systems are suitable for medium to large buildings that demand a high level of performance with optimum efficiency. With both the VRF and the Hybrid VRF, you can run multiple indoor units to a large outside one in order to service a very large indoor space.

Between all of these options, there is bound to be the perfect air conditioning unit for your home or your business. The Multi-Split and City Multi VRF range are highly variable, meaning you can tailor your solutions to what your business needs. Every building and indoor layout is ever so slightly different, and Mitsubishi’s range of products fully embraces this fact.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Repairs, Servicing & Installation

Mitsubishi’s air conditioning units are, by their very nature, often very large and complex units to try to repair. This means that getting people to repair their own units would be unlikely to work, as the layman would be much more likely to cause highly expensive damage to these systems than resolve the issue they were trying to deal with. That’s why, when you’re dealing with installing, servicing and repairing large scale air conditioning units, you need a highly trained team on your side.

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If you need help when dealing with your new or existing air conditioning systems, get in touch with Nationwide Air Conditioning. Here at Nationwide Air Conditioning, our friendly team of experts have a high level of knowledge in dealing with all of the major air conditioning unit makes and models, meaning that your installation and repairs can be completed without the fear of any faults.

Air conditioning can be a scary and complicated world to delve into, so if you need an expert, we’re here to help.

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