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Gas Boilers to be banned in the UK from 2028 and replaced with 600,000 heat pumps

New Government “green industrial revolution” will see gas boilers banned and all new homes in the UK fitted with ground and water heat pumps to help tackle climate change. This will total around 600,000 per year by 2028.

“Boris is really going for it, first cars, and now boilers – basically you are witnessing the phasing out of traditional gas boilers for new homes”, explains Libby Jones from HVAC contractor AirCon.co.uk

Under the new plan, new-build homes will need to be heated without gas from 2023, two years earlier than previously announced.

“This is a huge opportunity for those working in both the building and heating industries in the UK, because the systems need more installation time and groundworks than a simple gas boiler – the industry recons on an extra 17,000 jobs Nationally”, adds Jones.

Bean Beanland, of the Heat Pump Federation, said: “The heavy lifting must start now to ramp up the manufacture of heat pumps in the UK and their increased deployment in people’s homes in the UK. Working in partnership with Government, there is also a job to do to communicate the benefits of heat pumps to consumers.”

The Government’s measures also include:

  • a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 (some hybrids will still be allowed)
  • a £1.3bn investment in electric vehicle charging points
  • investment in the offshore wind industry
  • developing nuclear power as a clean energy source
  • blending hydrogen into the natural gas supply to reduce emissions

“It’s obvious the Government are really pushing the green initiative and we hope it brings benefits to UK as a whole”, concludes Libby Jones from HVAC contractor AirCon.co.uk

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