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How does air con work?

Cooling, clearing and comforting, air conditioners have become a staple part of modern-day life. A high-quality unit offers effective relief in hot and humid conditions, and these cooling systems can contribute to productivity in many workplaces. They even allow for easier breathing by improving the quality of the air we inhale. This can help to support those sensitive to pollutants and pollen.

Air conditioning units function in a comparative way to refrigerators. While your fridge keeps a small and secluded area cool, an air conditioner is designed to operate on a larger scale. It works by allowing for cool air to pass through a metal ductwork sheet. The unit extracts warm air from its surroundings and pushes out cooler air.

Air conditioning can be separated into three different categories; residential, commercial and industrial:

  • Residential or domestic units generally have a cooling capacity of 6000-20000 BTU
  • Commercial or office designs usually have a cooling capacity of 12000-50000 BTU
  • Industrial varieties often have a cooling capacity of approximately 30000 BTU

The functionality of the units can also be split into three varieties:

  • One style is the monoblock which is singular and portable. This option is often fitted at a window space.
  • Another variant is the split-system. This style is designed to work on the inside and outside of a building using linked elements.
  • The third option is a multi-split. This option works externally, with two or more linked elements inside.

Air conditioning originated from a publishing office in Brooklyn in 1902. It became the solution to a humidity problem that was causing magazine pages to wrinkle. Today it has become essential to workplaces such as hospitals, data centres and laboratories.

The units offer exceptional relief from humidity, making them vital fittings for households and hospitality venues.

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