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The hidden cost of cooling empty offices

Though many don’t realise, office buildings have to have cool air circulating through them basically all of the time – this includes when the office building is vacated of any staff members.

With the rumours of a second national lockdown looming ever closer, and with the UK government now once again stating that people must work from home wherever possible, the reality of many office buildings being once again empty for weeks – if not months – on end is becoming increasingly likely.

But why do office buildings need to remain cool when there are no staff members working within its walls? And how much will it even cost to keep the air-con running? Read on to find out.

Why do empty office buildings need to keep the air conditioning on?

Firstly, without any ventilation in place such as open windows (all the windows in an empty office building will be locked for security measures), the air inside the building will turn musty and unhealthy. This could lead to corrosion of chillers and boilers, causing damage and even failure of these vital components.

For many office businesses, the servers must also be kept running in order for employees to access their data remotely. Should these servers overheat, work will be completely halted, costing already struggling businesses precious time and resources. By keeping the air-con running, you’re helping to prevent the overheating of servers.

How much does it cost to run air-con for empty office buildings?

As an average estimate, it takes £16.33 per day to continue cooling a small empty office building. This amounts to £114.31 a week, or roughly £489.9 a month. This is something you’ll need to account for in your company’s budget, which is likely to be tight going forward for the next few months as the second wave of COVID-19 begins to hit the UK.

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